✔️The Midas Touch✨

Goal reached✨✔️

Money made✨✔️

Productive Day✨✔️

Blog made✨✔️

Check….Check….and check

Ran My First Marathon…Well..not quite as yet. But possible in the near future✨✨

By the way I watch the NYC half marathon live this past Sunday and was really quite impressed with all the runners, even those who passed me by.. by walking… Folks!!! This is a marathon not a walkathon. I’m proud of you making it this far nonetheless. I was in Midtown Manhattan and close to the finish line in Central Park in Manhattan. With the start in Brooklyn, coming this far by running…or..walking…is a glorious feat. I give you all a “goal” star✨✔️✔️

Your mind is a very important tool if you really want to have that Midas Touch. Let me explain. The Midas Touch is the term used when everything you touch turns to gold. In this case, accomplishments fit this bill. “Your mind is a terrible thing to waste”.  “Success is the greatest revenge”. Wouldn’t it be nice if anything you sought out to do.. you do it successfully. That’s the Midas Touch ✨ I’m talking about.

I used to think..at one time, that I was unstoppable. To this day, I take pride in what I do even though my peers has no clue how hard I’m working or had worked. I still can go about my business with confidence. Why? My work is already set in place and I can do whatever I want with it each day. I may invest. Surf on surfing platforms. Take surveys. Shop. Play games. Blog. Whatever. Since everything is already set up and in place, there is no doubt that I will succeed each time. “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life”.

Even on the job(still work sorta part time for a boss) I used to go out and perform one hundred and ten percent even when others are thinking that it’s not their department to do such and such. I learn to go the extra mile without even asking for extra money…like others. I believe that that extra money will follow me wherever I go without even expecting it. “Let the money follow you. Stop following the money” No wonder I still am on the same job all these years without even a significant raise of pay. Blessings abound. I always build outside the job as well. My extra comes when not even on the job at all.

Got the Midas Touch? Let me show you how you can get it.

✨✨Your mental aptitude is a start. Change how you view life as a whole. Think business if in business for yourself. The employee attitude will not help your cause unless you are independently sound in mind and body. The law of attraction bode well in what ever you attract yourself to or think of the most✨✨

✨✨Work hard at first. Work harder when everyone is sleeping or having fun. Your fun will come at a time when all those sleepers and fun seekers have to go out and work hard to maintain their habits or finally pay their way✨✨

✨✨Focus on your dreams and goals even when everyone thinks you will not succeed✨✨

✨✨Never. Ever. Give up✨✨

It may take some time to do all the above, but it’s doable. New habits can be formed if done in thirty days or so. Change if you can. And better yet. Prepare to work.

✨✨So I still leave lots of room for improvement. I am still learning new things everyday and I learn from everyone, the bad and the good. I wish you all the best that life has to offer. I hope you touch items that turn to gold than to go digging for it✨✨

✨✨See you next post✨✨


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