Afflliate Marketing and Me

Welcome to another week everyone. I hope everyone’s week was productive as mine. Still trying to get accustomed to posting on Tuesdays, eventually I will somehow get used to it.

My topic today is based on affiliate marketing. As we all know, affiliate marketing is the ability to use someone else’s ideas or products, market those ideas or products and share the revenue if goods and/or services are rendered.

I believe I get tongue-tied reading what I wrote above as a meaning..but, that is the best meaning that I could come up with. In other words, you sell other people’s ideas and get paid for doing it. The bottom line here is selling.


Well what is selling? It is the opposite of buying, duh!! Selling is not my favorite pastime, and buying isn’t either, but that depends on what I’m buying. Is this an essential item for me to purchase? Is buying this product/service worth my time and effort? Well, you will have to think in someone else’s shoes as well. Is what you’re offering worth the time or effort to market? For best results, think like a consumer.


So you find the product to market. What now? Well, market it, duh!!! My early years as an affiliate marketer, my products were based on essential items. These are items you use no matter what your budget, your status or the state of an emergency. People need these products. I was filling that need and making a few dollars. I learn how to market these products. I had my sponsors show me how to do it. If I don’t market my products/services, how will anyone see what I’m offering.


This is important. Using your product/services gives you an edge over what your offering. You are using your wares. You like or get to like doing it of course. You feel good with your products/services? The best you can tell the public with confidence how you feel about what you have to offer. To this day, I even subscribe to my services to get the better feel of what my audience/consumer are feeling. I put myself in everyone else’s shoes.

Following up

Feedback is essential. I love the numbers. Numbers never lie. I live by statistics. I follow a guideline to help to see how well I’m doing. Daily,weekly or yearly goals are a part of my routine. These are the measures I take to follow up on what is going wrong and fixing it, or, see where I’m doing great and enjoying it.

Mental well-being

I still don’t like selling. I rarely use this “S” word anymore. Using words like “marketing”, “promoting” and “advertising” help my cause. I put myself on a higher level by doing the things that help my cause. It’s not all about the money. You have to live of course. The bills don’t pay themselves; but, if you love what you do, even without making a “dollar” everyday, all things will work in your favor when the “dough” keeps rolling in. Use positive words and phases, eliminate words that keep you back; mentally, all things will come to terms in your favor.

Change mindset

Throughout my journey online, from investing to marketing, I had to change how I think in general. I cannot have the mindset of an employee even though I am employed. I am a business owner. Ownership agreements differs from rental agreements to say the least. Ownership has it’s rewards. You are the boss. You set the tone. You reap “all” the benefits. Affiliate Marketing is a great way to learn to own up to your success without the “brick and mortar”.

Here are some of the benefits from being an affiliate marketing associate

  • Market products that are ready made
  • No need for warehousing
  • Payments/products/shipment included
  • Low to no cost overhead
  • Can be done anywhere/from the comfort of your home
  • Supporting staff

You have seen or soon to see more on this topic of affiliate marketing all over the internet and offline sources as well. This is a popular topic. This is only my version of it. This is not to sell or to promote anyone’s products or services for blogging today. I do so independently. I do so without anyone’s advice. Advertisements throughout my blogging today has nothing to do with my topic.

I hope this shorten version suits your needs; and most of all, I hope you had fun reading as much fun I had blogging today.

The best of health/abundance to you, always.



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