Hidden truth

So I had an issue with getting a title for this blog. It took me days which is unheard of. Usually, I would pick a topic and write on it. This time I wrote without a topic because my words came to me suddenly. I don’t like writing this way since a topic can be hard to debate on. I finally came up with one. Great that I write once per week. Makes my life and debating much more easier.

In this blog, I put together random topics. Why certain things happen with no answers to them. The unexplained. Is this the real truth?

The unexplained

There are a lot of issues in this world where we don’t know what the “real” truth is. Say for instance, The Covid-19 pandemic. There were the news on the cause of this, but to this day, I really don’t know what really cause this to happen and to spread so quickly.

You may wonder why some people make it well in life while other suffers even though from the same background, culture or religion. Why there are the wealthy living it up while folks down the street are struggling. Some living from paycheck to paycheck with no financial health in sight. Speaking of that. Ever noticed your community where you have these nice houses and mansions, while further down the street is filled with poverty and despair. It is sad. Everyday I see people scavenging for food in garbage cans the well to do throws out every day. The well to do, dressed nicely, going to restaurants and bars to live it up while outstretched arms are begging for a dollar. I see this everyday living here in the city. Sad. The pandemic made it much worse. Again the cause of the pandemic to me is unexplained.

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What is known

You are only known what is taught to you. We were taught that “There is nothing guaranteed but death and taxes” which most of us believe it’s true. Still I believe, there is no guarantee in life whatsoever. What is known to us is that you will have to work hard, or smart to get by in life. Still no guarantees. As I mentioned earlier, some people will struggle, others will not. You stay within the “know”, follow the rules of the land, you will get by or you won’t. Life has no guarantees.

The hidden

What is always hidden from us is the real truth. Let’s talk about success. From the beginning we were taught… “To be  successful, you have to go to school, get an education and get a good job. (Getting a college degree can be very expensive) (I graduated being in debt just to graduate and spend years paying off debt). Sounds familiar? I never really got a so-called good job. To this day, I still don’t now what a “good job” means.

Follow by example?

“If everyone is doing it, so it’s good?” Look how easily the mask were off our faces as soon as the government lifted the mandate. Look how easily you can spot marijuana smokers since the government lifted the ban. The quest to be in the drinking age since the government said it is good. It’s the law. Everyone is doing it. So it’s good. Well, there are lawbreakers. That is why there are law enforcers. But not all are for the law. Does that make them different. Not really. And it depends on the law they break. I believe that if you break a law that hurt others is a law worth punishable. By the way, during the height of the pandemic, some people refused to wear a mask saying that it is unhealthy and unconstitutional. The same to this very day.

Life’s lessons

There are a lot of questions one might ask themselves. For example: Why am I not getting ahead in life? Why am I not doing the things I love? Why am I treated unfairly? Why? Why? Why?  There are many factors that prevent one from moving forward in the right direction. The friends you keep, following tradition no matter what the cost, not working on yourself mentally and spiritually. When you ignore the things that are setting you back without changing them, that can lead you to nowhere. It’s the same as doing the same things over and over again and expect change. 

Putting it all together

What you don’t know, you really don’t know. What is hidden is probably for a reason. Certain things are not taught in school where we were told by our parents to go to get an education. Certain occurrence in life is not readily explained to us. Why did this happened? Who’s to blame? Some will call this the conspiracy theory. Ever wonder why some will find it easy to make it in life while others struggle? I believe that some of the truth lies within ourselves. Sometimes things that we do are not design to work out the way we thought it should. It may be designed to keep you down. Since everyone is doing it, it’s lawful, it brings credence to it. The ones who fare better are the ones who, sees a way out. Working within the law by not hurting others but bettering themselves. Not following, but leading by example.


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