New Adventures Awaits

儭潃It’s getting closer to Summer my friends here in the USA. I’m excited. Lately I’ve been a fan of Summer minus the mosquitoes and the humidity. Spring is now ranked second…. especially the later half of Spring leading into Summer. Read this short blog on my quest to a new future. New adventures awaits儭and I’m looking forward to it儭

It’s been a challenging year so far. Some ups. Some downs. I’ve been a little disappointed to how certain events in my life too place. Things could have been settled much smoother. Things got far worse before it all came crashing down. There was also rage. Anger had the better part of me. It’s all over now. Now to let the past be in the past. Looking forward to this gift called the present

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On My Docket

It’s crazy that as I’m writing this blog, new ideas and friendship hit my list. GOD is great. It’s obvious that whatever you think about the most will come to existence. The law of prosperity and attraction will work in your favor if you believe it will. I never thought that things will turn around so quickly. And yes, it did. Again, GOD is great. It is great to see what sits on my plate thus far. Time to take a bite and enjoy踝

The Red Flags

Sometimes we are too busy looking for the bad in others rather than the good. The good always outweighed the bad but most never look at life that way. So did I. Even I questioned some people’s good intentions. Where is the fairness in that if others are questioning my intentions as well? There you go. We will be living in a world where trust is non-existent. Red flags are necessary at times. Dwelling on spotting red flags is bad. It stunted growth in a relationship. It prevents progress. It’s a process to totally let go the bad intents in others. Now I forgive. Forgiveness can lead to moving on and starting fresh into a new adventure where trust outweighs thriving to see the bad in others. Shooting those red flags down and following my heart and mind to new adventures拎

Laws of Attraction

It is true. The more of what you think about will manifest in the end. Passion for a thing or an event will manifest if first it is felt in the mind then to your heart. I always wanted to do better each year. Be a better writer, a better man in my personal relationship, a better online entrepreneur and better overall in my pursue of happiness. The key words are[Being Better], This year is no exception. The better I become, the better my outlook on the horizon. New opportunity awaits on my new adventure. Loving the outcome so far in this endeavor妓

The will

Where there is a will, there is always a way. As in the laws of attraction, a path will be laid out for you if what you wanted is mind and heart felt. My will is always deep. My passion is always air tight. Not only will I take one day at a time, I will use my entire day to the fullest. Here’s a bonus. We have 24 hours in a day. If things go wrong during your 24 hours, it’s depending of what part of your 24 hours that goes wrong, there will be time to fix that problem or wait for the new day for corrections. The will. The laws of attraction. Having these in my arsenal, helps in solving all the problems laid out before me. Will power!!

Hocus Pocus

A major part of my quest is to stay focus. Stay in the [always thinking positive phrase]. Continue to use the negatives part of my life to turn that into a positive one(I’ve been good at that). New adventures will be fun. New adventures will be great. New adventures will be rewarding. New adventures awaits

Thanks for reading.

To your success



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