Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Hello everyone. So I made my weekly post very early last week, well not intentionally, but doing that gave me enough time to complete tasks on my other projects and still able to concentrate on writing and posting today. I am going to change things up a bit this time but still keeping within my niche. I am going to answer some questions many might ask about working from your mobile devices. Since there are still many questions to whether you can actually make money from money paying apps and online platforms, I am going to explain my thoughts and success working here. This is what I do, but it doesn’t mean that you have to follow intensely step by step the way I do things here. Be minded, this is for information purposes only.

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Can you make money online?

You will never know until you try it. The answer is YES. And all free of charge. Whether you seek full time income or just to make some extra money, there are many apps and online platforms you can make money from, so I will break down a few online money making activities and how I use them.


Surveys… The least of my favorite activities. Surveys are time consuming and most times.. boring. Needless to say, you can make the most money from taking surveys. There are different types of surveys and are of different lengths, time and money.

Location surveys: These are surveys based on your location. These to my knowledge are app based; you set your location on your mobile devices, depending on where you are, surveys are presented to you. These are my favorite since they may be shorter in length and can be engaging and sometimes entertaining. Profile surveys: These can be short as well. These are surveys based on you; maybe your education, gender, age, likes or dislikes. You answer or update the questions based on your profile and get paid. Forums: These are more like group discussions. These can be done on/offline, via the telephone or at a physical location and by a scheduled appointment. You can make the most money here, could be paid a few hundred dollars or less for just a few short hours of work. I did about one offline forum at a location in my area and was paid cash immediately after the session. These are for real. Real easy money. Secret Shoppers: Ok. We have been here. Seen my latest post?  ↪️Secret Service↩️ I had made that post a bit outlandish, but you can actually make money here if you have the time and means. Mail-in: Surveys are mailed to you and you are paid cash upfront. Once you complete these surveys, you return it to the sender by mail post-paid. I love this method since you are paid upfront, but to get more surveys, you have to mail these in as soon as you can. I now get these once every two months and sometimes twice a month from time to time.

The do(s) and dont(s)

These are some of the things you should do if you don’t want to get “kicked off” the survey or worse, get banned for life.

  • Never rushed through a survey
  • Be truthful and consistent in your answers
  • Never sign up on numerous accounts per household
  • Stay active
  • Your account can be cancelled for inactivity
  • Read the companies’ policies

If you do not qualify for a particular survey, then go to the next…and so on…

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PTC (pay to click) is a fun way to make some money. All you do is click on a link, video or banner and get paid. Even a child can do this. The only difference is that, before you can get paid, you will have to solve the capcha. The capcha could be puzzles, number solving or clicking on specific objects. You will get paid in points or dollars. Be mindful that the reason for the capcha is to prove that you are human and not a bot. Payments vary but you can easily increase the payments by doing specific tasks like sharing your personal links, buying or renting spots for your advertising or simply upgrading your membership.

The do(s) and dont(s)

Want to continue your membership? These are the house rules.

  • Read the company’s policies
  • Limit the time spent on solving captha(s)
  • Don’t signed up on multiple accounts per household
  • Stay active
  • Your account can be cancelled for inactivity

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The real deal

Doing these activities will not get you rich. Don’t even quit your jobs either, but you can make some serious money here without shelling out a penny of your own. Consistency will pay off in the end. Will write about other ways to make money online next time. For now, have a great rest of the week everyone.


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