Purpose Driven

Hello again, my friends. Happy Friday to each and everyone of you.

Everybody has a place in this world for greatness or not. We all serve a purpose. Some will capitulate on that energy and move forward with it, some will not. I will include this with our talents which each person has. Some with seek it, some will not. Think about it. If most people will use their talent/purpose to serve their neighborhood, their country, their place in this world at large, the world will be a happier place. But unfortunately, the world is not a happy place in most cases.

You may wonder why some nations strive while others fail. Why do some nationalities fail while some succeed. Why do some workplaces fail while some succeed. The reason for success relies on how many people work on their purpose to make their space a better place. Also, in helping others succeed.

Unfortunately, the workplace environment is not designed to help others succeed, but to put those who are willing to work hard, to be placed at the top. Let’s call this a promotion. Sometimes, a promotion is not in the interest of everyone but the individual. For the individual, if promotion is only to gain power, money or both, then, what is to gain from the people you lead. This is a great example on the world at large by using the workplace environment. If your personal growth is not designed to help others grow, then, it is only personal and selfish growth. But who is to argue about it. It is better to gain personal growth than to gain no growth at all.

Everyone has a purpose in life. Everyone is alive and thriving for a reason. Whether it is for the good or the bad, choices we make moving forward will dictate how well we fare in life to help ourselves and our communities. I’ve heard about people who intentionally breaks the law and blame that on their rights to make their own decisions. Being above the law not only pays law officers, but it can cause hard working tax payers dollars just to keep you incarcerated and rehabilitated.

Let me add this. It is great where you work or live to be independent in your thoughts and ideas. You may think that this may be your purpose in life and your reason for existence. If your thoughts and ideas negatively affect those people around you; then we may have a problem.


We are not living in an ideal world. To think that this generation wants to make everyone around them to thrive, guess again. I look at social media. People are posting personal items as in taking trips or vacations or dressing up nice to appease others. This doesn’t help the bottom line. This may cause jealousy or rage. I posted my trips at times. Putting places on the map is a way of getting people to go to these places, helping tourism and promoting how others are living out there. Traveling is therapeutic. You can gain knowledge by traveling. Sharing what you learn can help to add to your purpose in life. If you find solidarity on your travels, why not share this to help others adapt to these measures. Sharing is caring.

Saying that you wish to make enough money to be comfortable instead of making enough to give back to society is another move in the direction of self. Giving back does not mean directly giving your money away; this could mean building a service to meet the needs of others. I always think that it is wise to work on yourself first, find your purpose, and then meet the needs of others. A community strives when each individual is purpose driven.

Getting up each day with a purpose makes getting up more meaningful for me. I get up early and stay up late at times. It took me a little while to know what my purpose is in life. Find your purpose. You may have a skill or talent to share with others. Everyone can not be a leader or service provider; but I believe the more we work together as a community, a family, a people, the world will be a better place to work and live.

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Thanks for reading.


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