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Hello Everyone. Welcome to a new week. Well, we are close to the midway point of July. So soon? You may ask. Time is travelling at warp speed, and it’s not limited to old folks either as in days of old. Everyone young and old is feeling the surge.

I will be changing up my style of blogging this week comparison to the past two weeks. I’m going to blog about something everyone likes, which is free at times. I’m talking about bonuses. I’m not talking about the bonuses you may get from your job during your promotions or holidays on the job. My blog is never about jobs or job related opportunities. If you are looking for jobs or job related opportunities, look elsewhere.

There are different types of bonuses you may receive as compensation for your services rendered. I will be talking about a few I know which I have been getting over the years. It’s a pleasure to share some with you. As a bonus. At the very end, I will sharing some ways to get more bang for your bucks. Please read through to the end.

Loyalty programs

These programs have been around for ages. I first learned about them since airlines and credit cards have been offering them. Now most stores and other businesses are offering these worldwide. Businesses need your repeat services. They want you to keep coming back, even sharing your experiences with others. They need your referrals. For your loyalty to these companies, you may get compensated with goods or services or even cash back.

The bonus: You shop. *You may save* In some cases, the more you shop is the more points or cash are accumulated, given you a shot at more *discounts* or free items.

The bonus 2: *Save/discounts is better explained if you actually put away the difference or money earned on your services in a savings or other accounts.

Online forums/surveys/polls

Even though this is not my favorite way to make money online, doesn’t mean that lots of money cannot be made with forums and taking surveys. Some stores or other retailers may ask you to fill out a survey over the phone or online for your shopping experience. You may get compensated for your effort. Online platforms may ask you for your shopping experiences at specific retailers. Other general surveys can also be available. This is a good way to generate some extra income for time spent.

The bonus: You can set up specific surveys based on your profile. When taking surveys, be honest and consistent in your answers. The more honest you are, the more survey opportunity awaits.


Now everyone gets emails. For about everything online that you set up, requires you to add your email address. You may open up many email addresses if you wish. What about getting paid for reading your emails. Emailing friends and family, next to text messaging, are the sure fire way to communicate. Then there are the folders including the spams, etc. that we tend to set up, sometimes these are automatically set up for you to filter the good emails from the bad ones. There are online platforms that pay you for reading your emails. The payment per reading is low, but, this beats reading them for free. This is free money if you set up an account with these platforms. I call this anyway money. In other words, you will read them and delete them anyway.

The Bonus: Diligently read your paid emails. Some tend to expire after a time. Read them and get paid whether they are relevant to you or not.


This is the era where health and nutrition is the norm. Retailers know this as well and a lot is tailor made to the masses to go with the tide. There are many fitness applications to download. Phone services are now affiliated with fitness tracking devices for our convenience. Our food habits has evolved from meat to plant based. Gyms are coming back from the hiatus due to the covid-19 pandemic. Now you are paid online to workout and for good nutrition. These applications work as your fitness coach. The more you work out is the more you get compensated in some cases.

The Bonus:You can generate income just to stay fit. This is a no brainer for those who are fitness fanatics. You can get paid for something you would be doing for free or by paying to someone to help you to do it.


Gamers beware. Businesses need your services. What a treat for gamers. This is second best to being the developer. You are getting paid for playing games you will normally play for free. In some cases, the more you play is the more you earn. This is a great opportunity for those who love to play online games. You don’t have to try new games if you wish, you can still play the same old games you normally play if you download through those services.

The Bonus: Using a third party application is the means to get paid for basically everything you do online. Just like playing games. When you download through these channels, these platforms will share their revenues with you for your time.

These are some of the ways you can generate extra income or get paid in products for your services. Companies get paid for affiliated with other companies and will share their revenue with you for partnership with them. All you need to do to achieve money is to not to give up things that you love to do…just change the way you do things today. Adaptation is key to being an online success.

The Bonus: This is not rocket science folks. The majority of things I do throughout my life is due to the adaptation to these times and new ideas. A majority of the things I do, I get paid for doing them. All this takes is change. Changing my old habits for new ones. If you are willing to change your old habits for the greater good, change it. It will take approximately a month to change from the old ways to the new ones. When you change from things that don’t work to things that do, this is success in itself. Success depends on you the individual.

The Bonus 2:

Throughout social media and my sister site at http://www.ap24hoursonline.blogspot, you will see invites to sites I use to make income online. See my pages and fb groups.

Twitter@apwhitely and @ainsfordwhitely

Visit my profile this site for more information.

Thank you



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