The Escape From Reality

Hello everyone and Happy New Year to you. I’m wishing you all the best of health and the abundance of wealth to boot. This is my new date and approximate time for my posts starting this week. Make a note of it.

Let me start off with this…….

We dream. We imagine. We imagine being in a place where there are no worries, no stress. We dream about that place where we can relax and enjoy life. How about a nice Island in the Caribbean or anywhere:-where they are nice sandy beaches and a calm blue ocean for some- A place in the hills or in the wild for others. We dream. Then we wake up. It’s back to reality.

A reality check

How wonderful Christmas has been growing up as a child. The festivities. The fun activities. Santa Clause as we believe will bring us gifts so we must always be nice, not naughty. But growing up, we also knew the real cause for the celebration. We looked to the spiritual side for the true meaning of Christmas. But as kids we wander. We wander, yet knowing the real from the imagined. Then we get older. Then what?

Being older can make a huge difference since you may have the resources available to live in that imaginary world…to make that fantasy our own reality. To be a kid again.

Society has no respect for no one when it comes to what’s real or not. Have you seen how realistic they make those video games. Even the movies are so surreal as if they are happening right in your backyard. Sometimes it’s so hard to tell the real from the unreal. You ask yourself “Did this really happened or not”.

Most are looking for that escape from the real world. The world can become complexed. It’s mundane. You work. You take care of your household. Repeat. Many will take yearly vacation to their place of enjoyment to get back to where the boredom started. May I add..again.. Repeat. Getting back to reality is always a permanent trait while living in a “fantasy world” is temporary. It’s only a temporary escape from the real world.

My escape from reality is to be in a place where I can imagine being able to do things I love to do  without being scrutinized. Immersing myself in places unimaginable. Being able to be by myself or with other like-minded people and enjoying each moment as much as possible. No fuss. No hate. No fight. What’s is the sense in an escape from reality to subject yourself to pain and suffering. It’s rare that folks that are on holidays are showing [bad] behavior unless they are always foul spirited.

Sometimes amassing yourself in fantasy can bring forth tragedy. I’ve read about these young group of people acting out their roles in “Dungeon and Dragons” in real life. That’s the tragedy in fantasy manifested in real life. Real Injury and death as a result. As I child, I remember watching a movie. After the movie, we mimicked the scenes in real life. We were invincible. We were inhuman. But in real life, we were still kids prone to injury. But that was out escape from reality. At least temporary.

Real times

These days I still immerse myself in fantasy world. This is what keeps me going. So glad the movie theatres are now open and I’m able to watch some of my favorite characters from the comic books take the stage. I no longer read the comic books, I lost box load of comic books in a flooded basement and I was devastated. I could no longer recover from the loss. But that is life while living in the real world. I also lost other collections as well as stamps and coins. I have no need to continue with those either.

My escape is local travel to destination not too far from home yet distance in serenity and peace. Blogging is my escape from the every day. Being online working for a living is my life’s work. I may travel again to Asia when all is somehow back to normal due to the pandemic. I’m not in any rush for international travel; gladly I can rely on other options for travelling. Now I have the time and the means to think about all the options available for me.

What are your plans of escape from reality?…. Temporarily that is. We still need to live in the real world to do real things to keep us safe and healthy. A little escape won’t hurt. Being childish every now and then won’t hurt as well. I say this..If everyone would at times immerse themselves in an escape to their own minds to avoid conflicts, the world would be a safer place to live and enjoy. Keep away from role playing or the evil stages like Dungeon and Dragons and it’s associations. What’s the use in an escape to bring chaos. It’s right here with us in the real world. No need to immerse yourself in the mundane. It’s right here waiting for you in the real world. Take it all in the real world or escape from it in your imaginary world.

Thanks for reading.

Enjoy the rest of the week



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