🍀”Lucky me!!!”🍀

“You are so lucky” I’ve been told many times.  The ones who say that don’t have a clue the pain, the struggles, the good times and the hard work leading to this. Luck has or may not have anything to do with it, maybe fate indeed. But where does luck fit in here.🍀“Luck favors the prepared mind”🍀

🍀”Be in it to win it”

You guessed it. That slogan belongs to the New York State Lotto. There is no way for you to win if you never played. The higher the stakes is the higher the odds of winning. You have to be in it to win it. I’ve never known anyone personally who have won the jackpot, even there are mentions of winners throughout the States, but, I’ve told by some that they have won hundreds even thousands of dollars. Is it fate? Is it luck? If not. Then what is it.

🍀My why/why nots

The secrets to why people win the lottery is that they play. I’ve heard many getting angry at those who allegedly won. They hate the elders, the first timers, also the ones who already got or already supposedly posseses lots of money. These winners are hated because they won when most said they shouldn’t have. Even the rare multi-winners… Hated!! Everyone wants to win. But everyone cannot win. Certainly not me. I’m not in. It’s not that I never played. Ever. I did play but it’s against many things I stand for these days. I’ve even done the scratch offs where you can win instantly. It’s also that I don’t like the odds of losing. Luck is never my thing. But really? So why am I placed in the pool of “lucky streakers?” Luck comes in different forms or instances in life. There are the supposedly luck in relationships, jobs, promotions where people think that you are one lucky SOB. But really? Again. What luck got to do with it.


🍀The gamblers

There are the professionals and the novices. Some do it for fun, some to make ends meets. The desperate and the not quite desperate. Legal and the illegal gambling is the same since the illegal can become legal if the law says so. May I remind you again of pot smoking? [But this not the time to  emphasize on that. It’s just an example that the law can turn things around to suit their needs] But the lotto is gambling. Let’s get real here. There are people who constantly play the lottery day in and out for years in hopes of winning the “big one”, while there are the casual players who plays when it becomes big where for heaven’s sake, the odds of winning is off the charts. I heard this many times, a dollar or two wouldn’t hurt. Then comes the “poolers”…that is employees banding together to hit it rich even though they can hardly work consistently together. Getting rich will solve that problem, they think. Everyone is feeling lucky. It’s the Mega Jackpot. “We will win, if luck will have it..”  Unfortunately, at the very end of all this, there comes the  Surgeon General’s grim warning.  If I was destined to win the lottery then I would’ve won years ago. But who knows? Am I ever destined to win the lottery? I will never know, since I am no longer in it to win it.

🍀Consistency and persistency will win the race

I guess people win the lottery because they are consistent and persistent. They believe they will win, eventually, since they stick to their game plan. Oh, the dream numbers, the lucky numbers from their ages to the ages of their family members for example. They play the same numbers day in and day out hoping those numbers will hit the jackpot some day. And again, dreaming those dreams of those lucky numbers that will make them a fortune. It may cost them hundreds, even thousands in the end, but no problem. They may win millions if the ones who always win(the hated) will  give them a chance somehow.

🍀My story

In the beginning from my working online, I believed that some things I did started was from pure luck. Later on I never thought luck had anything to do with it. I always kept an open mind. I wanted to learn a new thing. I needed to start my own non traditional business. I position myself to learn, even if learning became a burden. I was scared to death venturing into the unknown since I had no real partner to share the fear with. I was virtually on my own. I closed my eyes and I dived in. Never looked back since then. Everyday there are new challenges to meet. I learned something new each day. I strive to be both consistent and persistent. A new race to the finish. Hard work/renewing of the mind/sticking to the game plan which will pay off in the end.  🍀”Lucky me!!!”🍀 Call it luck. Call it fate. Call it what you think it is. For you to be in it to win it, in whatever you do, don’t hesitate. Just dive in. You will win, or not. But granted…🍀“Luck favors the prepared mind”🍀

🍀Have a great weekend everyone🍀

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